Flowers and Grass at Romanov Dvor


The art gallery at the Romanov Dvor business center presents a new exhibition called “Flowers and Grass” by artist Suren Aivazyan. Admirers of art can find here paintings filled with light, good-will and a warm spirit.

The harmony and energy emanating from Aivazyan’s canvases are capable of mesmerizing the soul, and all who come in contact with his works feel a sense of serenity and tranquility.

The author of these works says that he recreates on canvas the “living voices” of nature, which speak to man, to his soul, with an appeal to “hear with your eyes and see with your heart.” Thus, through his work Aivazyan expresses his relationship with nature and attitude toward environmental problems.


The concept of Romanov Dvor is business as an art. This is why the business center places such an emphasis on art expositions, which are updated every month.

The exhibition “Flowers and Grass” will continue until August 6 at the art gallery of Romanov Dvor (4/2 Romanov Pereulok). Entry is free of charge.