Following the Arts at Romanov Dvor


Tomorrow a new exhibition called Wandering Road opens at the art gallery of the Romanov Dvor business center. Observing the transformation of flowers and colors, each visitor is certain to be reminded of the works of the impressionists.

The exhibition is true to its name. The works of Natalia Rodionovskaya open the doors to unforgettable places, where one senses the fragility of beauty and the charm of the natural world. The artist shares her impressions of what she has seen, depicting life as a series of small celebrations.

Observing the transformation of flowers and colors in Rodionovskaya’s works it is natural to think of the impressionists. The artist narrates the world through color, which is a kind of response to everyday experiences. “When I paint a tree, it is the essence and idea of a tree and not just some view from the balcony. If it is a carousel, then I paint it such that one’s head spins from the bright colors,” the artist says.

The exhibition runs through February 26 at the Romanov Dvor business center (address: Romanov Pereulok 4, building 2). Entry is free of charge.