Marie de La Ville Bauge Solo Exhibition at Romanov Dvor


Marie de La Ville Bauge Solo Exhibition will open on June 23 in the art gallery of Romanov Dvor.

The exhibition will present such works by the photo artists as Summer fly II, Moscow’s Euphoria, Strelka, A puff of smoke in a pink sky and others.

Her photography technique is characterized by the love of bright colors and depiction of buildings and scenes from everyday life.

Marie de La Ville Bauge was born in 1976. She belongs to a French artistic dynasty, the history of which extends back over 300 years. Since 2007, Marie and her family live in Moscow.

Marie is actively engaged in humanitarian work; she visited such countries as Sudan and Cambodia. “Moscow amazes me with its immensity and diverse architecture,” Marie comments. The artist has four children.

Marie de La Ville Bauge Solo Exhibition will be held at Romanov Dvor till July 13, 2015.


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