News Year Celebration for Employees’ Children


RD Group has for the first time in its history held a New Year celebration for the children of the company’s employees. The festivities were held in the third phase of the Romanov Dvor business center, which opened in December 2014.

More than 100 children of the employees of RD Group, RD Management, RD Group and AVICA Properties Investors participated in the New Year celebration.

On this day a dream-like, magical atmosphere was created for the children. Numerous activities were organized for the guests, providing them the opportunity to create holiday gifts with their own hands. Under the guidance of professionals, each child was able to make tree ornaments or holiday cards, paint plaster figurines and write letters to Father Frost. The culminating event of celebration was spectacular New Year’s play in which the children themselves had an opportunity to take part.

“We hope that such events will become a part of our corporate traditions and that the wishes expressed by the children and adults will surely come true!” said Anastasia Romanova, Human Resources Director at RD Group.


The core focus areas of RD Group are investment, construction and management of premium-class commercial and residential real estate. The holding includes market-leading companies engaged in investment management, construction and facility management. The professionalism and teamwork of the various structures within the holding play and important role in the implementation of major development projects which today have become the calling cards of RD Group. The engagement with employees’ children represents a continuation of the general corporate strategy, which is aimed at maintaining an effective and close-knit team.