Offices for Banks


Business Development Director of RD Management Alexander Ustinov spoke at the CRE First roundtable on March 17. At the event the expert shared his knowledge about the technical nuances of premises intended for bank offices.

“When leasing premises in business centers, banks pay particular attention to electrical supply. When setting up a trading or data center reserve power is mandatory, for example, with the help of a diesel generator,” Alexander Ustinov noted.

According to the expert, banks require an electrical power supply of no less than 85 watts per square meter of leased space.

Moreover, when setting up a data center or large server rooms, the banks’ IT departments have very demanding requirements for the cooling of such premises. “The basic building engineering systems are not always sufficient to effectively cool server rooms and banks have to upgrade the equipment. For example, this might entail the installation of precision split-unit air conditioners,” Alexander explained.

For bank branches the load-bearing capacity of the floor is important, as the cash desks and depository have special requirements. The expert also pointed out that banks also have special security considerations and need two or more telecom providers to ensure uninterrupted internet access.