Personal Exhibition of Evgeny Kolesnik in Romanov Dvor


Romanov Dvor art gallery of the Business Center is hosting the personal exhibition of Evgeny Kolesnik.

The exhibited works of Evgeny Kolesnik are executed both in the classical multilayer watercolor technique and in pastels; besides them, the visitors can appreciate the artist’s graphic works drawn in pencil. The exhibition presents landscapes and still lives, however, the creativity of Evgeny Kolesnik is not limited to this range of scenes: the painter masters the hard-edge painting as well.

“Perceiving the works of Evgeny Kolesnik, the viewer does not focus on colors or lines: they dissolve in images, so far as the shape merges with the content and authentically represents it”, as critics have commented on the works of the artist.


Business as an art is the concept of Romanov Dvor. That is why a special attention is paid in the business center to exhibitions which succeed one another every month.

The exhibition of Evgeny Kolesnik in the Romanov Dvor Business Center will run until April 15, 2015. The entrance is free.