Photography Exhibit Opens at Dream House


As a part of the Dream Circus Christmas bazaar at the shopping center Dream House, a special exhibit of the works of photographer Vladimir Shirokov has opened. This exhibit has been made possible by a joint charity project initiated by the mall and the Artiste Foundation.

The photographer has captured images of some of the most popular Russian theater and film actors and actresses, including Yevgeny Mironov, Maria Mironova, Igor Vernik (these three established the Artiste Foundation), Igor Petrenko, Irina Apeksimova, Irina Pegova, Alena Babenko, Alexei Makarov and Vadim Vernik together with elderly artistes who have dedicated their entire lives to the performing arts. The elderly generation depicted here includes Distinguished Artiste of RSFSR Margarita Anastasieva, People’s Artiste of Russia Tatiana Pankova, People’s Artiste of Russia and Georgia Efim Baikovsky, People’s Artiste of RSFSR Nina Arkhipova, Distinguished Artiste of Russia Georgy Balyan, People’s Artiste of Russia Zoya Zelinskaya, People’s Artiste of Russia Mikhail Rozhkov, theater and film actress Vera Mayorova and People’s Artiste of RSFSR Irina Kartasheva.

The exhibit will continue through December 22 and on the closing day of the exhibit visitors of the shopping center will have the unique opportunity to meet the author of the project as well as several of his heroes.


The Dream Circus Christmas bazaar will continue through the end of the New Year’s break – January 14, 2014. The main theme of the bazaar this year is the circus. The unique decorations of the mall and the bazaar’s décor remind one of the grand old traditions of European cities, taking visitors into the magical world of the circus marquee.

Dream House is a luxury class retail center located in one of the most prestigious areas of the Russian capital – on Rublevo-Uspenskoye Shosse in the town of Barvikha. The center was designed according to the concept of a “dream house,” where any idea for one’s house and home can be brought to life.