RD Group New Year Charitable Event


By tradition, RD Group Holding became one of the initiators of the charitable event and congratulated the orphanage children on Christmas and New Year.

On December 28, 2015, RD Group presented gifts to the children of Mytishchinsky Orphanage and Boarding School of Musical Education. The school is organized for the talented and gifted children involved in various music and art areas.

To celebrate New Year and Christmas, the children prepared a festive event for their relatives and invited guests and gave their artistic and musical performances. The event was concluded with the ceremony of presenting gifts. RD Group provided the school with musical instruments, kitchen equipment and a personal gift for the winner of the international music contest Alia Sultanova – a trip to Spain for participation in the next stage of the competition.

Elena Morozova, Deputy Head of the Representative Office for Administrative Affairs at RD Group: “The New Year is the time for miracles and most dearest wishes coming true. We are very happy to have an opportunity to help such talented children and bring joy to their lives. Today not everyone can afford following his dream and, having such an opportunity at hand, we are gladly providing support to those in need.”


Sponsorship and charity are part of the corporate culture of RD Group Holding. The Holding has held the traditional Christmas Fair in Romanov Dvor Business Quarter for many years. The revenue from the event is transferred to the children’s orphanages and boarding schools.