RD Group’s Corporate Values


For more than 20 years now RD Group has been a leader of the commercial real estate market. An important condition for business development and advancement into new markets is the formation of a strong team of professionals.

One of the main pillars of the company’s success is its corporate values, the framework which allows all employees to play by the same rules, to be a team and to understand the purpose of their work. Today the company is holding a series of activities aimed at transmitting its corporate values to employees.

Recently the company has been paying special attention to employee engagement and is transitioning to values-based management. “RD Group has always strived to be a step ahead, and for this reason our company is undertaking a number of activities focused on our corporate values. This will allow us to link the personal aims of our employees with our corporate values and assimilate them into everyday affairs,” said Anastasia Romanova, Deputy Head of the Representative Office of RD Group for Human Resources.


We are very different people, but we complement each other and together are capable of accomplishing anything

We confidently move forward toward our goals.
            We strive for continual development.

            We perceive our work as a work of art.
            We pour our soul into what we do.
            We strive to make the world around us a better place.

            We seek solutions to the tasks set before us even when they seem beyond our capabilities.
            We do what no one has done before us.
            We broaden horizons and bring dreams to life, striving to remain a step ahead and anticipate the needs of our clients.

            We gain satisfaction from our work.
            We strive to see new opportunities in every difficulty.

For example, as part of the company’s efforts to demonstrate Teamwork, a culinary team-building activity was held along with a prize for the Best Team Player. “We are confident that the assimilation of innovative technologies will allow us, working together, to achieve the most ambitious goals, even if they seem beyond the bounds of our capabilities,” commented Anastasia Romanova.