RD Management: 10 Facts about the Management of Class A Properties


The leading commercial real estate portal for Russia, CRE.ru, published a list of “10 Facts about the Management of Class A Properties” from RD Management.

Denis Belyaev, Senior Marketing Analyst for RD Management, spoke about the key points of the management of commercial real estate. The publication takes a look at the different types of management companies, quality standards, leading players, market trends and the outlook for property and facility management.

The expert notes that the pioneers of the facility management market in Russia were foreign companies. The use of Western standards in management allowed them to become market leaders. However, today Russian companies rightfully occupy serious positions on the market and present tough competition for the market pioneers.

When implementing large-scale, high-class projects, developers turn to the services of professional management companies during the project planning stage. Owners recognize that high-quality management has a direct impact on a property’s profitability.