RD Management at PROEstate Forum


Darrell Stanaford, an advisor to the General Director of RD Management, spoke at the international investment forum PROEstate.

At the PROEstate forum, Darrell Stanaford presented the results of a study by the North American Building Owners and Managers Association titled “What Office Tenants Want?”

The survey covered more than 1000 tenant-companies in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. The results of the study confirmed that when making a decision on the lease of a new office, tenant wants to have a clear picture of the space to be occupied as well as what components are included in the lease payments. This is why the BOMA standard method for calculating space plays an important role in the signing of lease agreements.


The BOMA standard is a method recognized around the world for measuring various ties of space in a building. This methodology makes it possible to evaluate a premise for lease and create a common starting place for establishing an agreement between the landlord and the tenant.


The PROEstate forum included the 2nd annual ULI Investment Leader’s Summit, where Darrell Stanaford served as moderator. This summit brought together the leading players of the Moscow commercial real estate market. The participants of the meeting discussed the opportunities for development in the capital and sought answers to questions concerning who will be investing in Russian real estate in the next two years and what kind of projects should these be?