RD Management Provides Facility Management Services for Systematica Group


RD Management has begun servicing the engineering systems of the office of Systematica Group at the Comcity office park, which is located on the territory of New Moscow.

The office of Systematica Group occupies approximately 17,600 sqm at the complex. RD Management’s mandate to provide technical servicing of engineering systems includes the maintenance of electrical supply and lighting, HVAC system, water supply and drains, fire prevention systems and more.


Starting in December 2013 specialists of RD Management began providing technical consultations on the preparation and launch of the first phase of Comcity. Following the opening of the first phase of the project in October 2014, the company began providing comprehensive facility management services for the property, including the management of the office and retail premises and park zone. In total, RD Management is responsible for the management of 200,000 square meters at Comcity.


The Comcity office park has been built according to the latest technologies in compliance with LEED certification standards. Some of the unique features of the building include façades with improved thermal properties and light permeability, chilled beams and cooling reservoirs, recycling of “gray water” (rainwater) and energy-efficient lifts.

The developer of the project is PPF Real Estate Russia. Tenants at Comcity include Rostelecom (58,500 sqm) and Oracle (6,400 sqm).