RD Management started comprehensive management of Christie’s office


RD Management started managing utility systems of Cristie’s office located in Romanov Dvor Business Quarter.

Christie’s office with total area of more than 400 sq. m. occupies three floors in one of the buildings located on Romanov Alley pedestrian street in the Business Quarter.

RD Management has been rendering cleaning services to Christie’s since January 2015 and in May it started managing the office’s utility systems. Thus, since May RD Management has been providing comprehensive management of the auction house office. The managing company deals with power supply and lighting systems, ventilation and air conditioning, water supply, fire protection, etc.


Romanov Dvor Business Quarter is a balanced combination of business and cultural environments, classic and modern architecture and well-developed infrastructure. Along with premium class offices, the complex also includes restaurants and cafes, business class apartments, World Class fitness club, Romanov Cinema and a flower salon. One of the quarter’s advantages is a modern inner court and Romanov Alley, a pedestrian street where city events, exhibitions and master classes are held. The total area of the office part of the complex is 51,500 sq.m.