Retail Property Tour visits reworked Dream House


On 29 November the Retail Property Tour visited the Dream Housepremium shopping center, located in the prestigious village of Barvikha just outside Moscow.

The Retail Property Tour, organized by CRE magazine and IM Events, gives commercial real estate experts the opportunity to visit a range of prime retail properties in and around the Russian capital and to appreciate their unique and innovative qualities.

The Dream House was the first site on the Tour itinerary. The visitors learnt how the property is now being reworked and looked at technical details of the project.

The Dream House manager, Armine Kyurdyan, described the two stages of the reworking, which began in 2015 and aimsto create a full-scale lifestylecenter that meets the leisure and service needs of customers as well as providing the best-possible shopping experience:

"In the first stage we carried out a rotation of tenants: 20% of tenants in the household goods segment were replaced by fashion-operators, both global brands and Russianfashion designers. The Italian fashion house Raschini, boutiques (Stefano Bellini and ETON),  the FanFanmultibrand boutique,Weekend and Russia’s Rubanbrand all came to the fashiongallery. We also expanded our range in the health and beauty segment, where valuable new additions include a Büro Beauty outlet, Cosmotheca, which specializes in selective cosmetics and perfumery,a Strizh children's salon and the Fit-n-Go fitness studio.”

​​Dream House has total floor area of 13,000square metres with 9700 of leasable space. Renewal of the tenantpool has boosted traffic at the shopping center by 15%in the last year.

The second stage of the new concept  will involve construction of a new space with floor area in excess of 20,000 square metres. A land plot of ​​0.45 hectares next to the first phase of the Dream House has been acquired for the purpose. Work is scheduled to begin in 2017 and the total investment will be over USD 20 million.

"Expansion of the shopping gallery by the addition of premium brands, opening of a multi-screen cinema with a children's area, and the creation of an underground car park will make Dream House even more attractive for families,"  said Armine Kyurdyan.

The chief engineer at Dream House, Alexei Ivannikov,described technical features of the shopping center, including the power supply systems, air conditioning and ventilation, chiller unit and loading zone.

As well as inspecting technical zones of the buildings, the visitors reviewed the recently opened Cosmotheca selective cosmetics store, the Büro Beauty salon (conceived by the model and TV personality, Svetlana Bondarchuk, businesswoman Natalia Dubovitskaya and the team of Buro 24/7), as well as the Asia Grill restaurant, children’s areas at Dream Land and the Pampa Green children’s club.

The Okeaniya and Riviera shopping and leisure centers also took part in the Retail Property Tour.