RIA Novosti: Photographer Wins Trip to Greece


The news agency RIA Novosti published on October 7 a news report on the awards presentation for the Romanov Alley photography competition in honor of Moscow’s first pedestrian gastronomic street.

The news agency’s website notes that the Romanov Alley photo contest began July 8, 2013. In order to participate all one had to do was take a creative picture with a vivid concepts on the topic of travelling on the new pedestrian street and post is on the website 41 Kvartal. Online voting on the images submitted was open to the public.

The winner of the contest was the pensioner and veteran of labor Yuri Kremenchuk. He received the contest’s grand prix – a trip for two to one of the best resorts in Greece – the Porto Carras Grand Resort.


In total 27 photographs were submitted for consideration. The winners were selected by a highly qualified jury comprised of experts in photojournalism as well as representatives of the Moscow government. The jury included, among others, Head of the Moscow Department of Culture Sergei Kapkov, Dean of the MSU School of Journalism Elena Vartanova, Head of the MSU Department of Photojournalism Oleg Bakulin, Gorky Park Director Olga Zakharova, Editor-in-Chief of The Village Igor Sadreev, photographer Vladimir Byazrov and Director of the Romanov Club tourist agency Marina Borisovskaya.

The jury liked the idea of photographer Yuri Kremenchuk: a persistent smile and good spirits, and the sun not that far away, just around the corner on Romanov Alley! At the awards ceremony Yuri said that he heard about the competition from his daughter Anastasia and he was immediately intrigued by its slogan – “Turn on the creativity and open the lens!”

Dean of the MSU School of Journalism Elena Vartanova shared her impressions of the competition with RIA Novosti. She noted that the focus on travel was a good choice for contest of photographs taken in such an attractive place for tourists as Romanov Alley.


With the appearance of Romanov Alley the pedestrian zone will expand in Moscow’s historical center, which is becoming all the more comfortable and attractive for the city’s residents. Without a doubt the formation of such an environment facilitates the cultural development of the city, increasing its appeal as a tourist center,” Vartanova told RIA Novosti.

Olga Zakharova, Director of Gorky Park, believes that the significance of pedestrian zones for such a megalopolis like Moscow is quite clear.

“It’s enough to take a look at the reaction of all the people who are tired of cars and Moscow’s endless traffic jams. As soon as a new pedestrian area appears, it immediately becomes a magnet for thousands of Muscovites and visitors of the capital. One bright example is the Crimea Embankment. One the first day of decent autumn weather after its opening, it was full of people out for a walk. The composition of the crowd is very diverse – parents with children, youth on bicycles and longboards, and pensioners too. That is the most important sign of success,” she noted.