Ribambelle Family Club at Vremena Goda


Darya Tsivina, a columnist for the newspaper Kommersant, wrote a piece about the spring and summer menu of the restaurant club Ribambelle at the Vremena Goda shopping center.

The Ribambelle family restaurant club at the Vremena Goda retail center on Kutuzovsky Prospekt has launched its spring and summer menu crafted by head chef Mikhail Kuklenko and pastry chef Maria Nosova. According to Kommersant.ru, with each update the menu at Ribambelle becomes even more refined and sophisticated.

Perhaps it’s the younger generation is demonstrating a new food style to its parents, or perhaps it’s the parents teaching their offspring to eat quinoa, artichokes and chestnuts from an early age, or maybe Ribambelle has simply adopted a very gastronomically complex menu for the season, the columnist writes.

“Those who from an early age are acquainted with scallops served with a fennel cream and wasabi sponge, then head directly to a Michelin-starred restaurant and will have just as a good grasp of haute cuisine as of advanced mathematics and foreign languages. So Ribambelle is fulfilling a noble gastronomic mission,” Kommersant.ru reports.


Vremena Goda is a premium class shopping center located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow. Today the gallery is owned by Romanov Property Holdings Fund (RPHF). In 2012 the fund acquired a 40% stake in the property and then in 2013 purchased the remaining 60%.

RPHF was established in 2008 on a parity basis by RD Group and a consortium of private investors led by Ruben Vardanyan. The fund is focused on investment in premium class real estate in the Moscow market. The fund also owns the luxury class Dream House shopping center in Barvikha.