Roman Tkachenko in The Vedomosti


The Vedomosti newspaper has studied the examples of the developers’ success in the restoration of the listed pieces of architecture. Roman Tkachenko told the newspaper about his experience of reconstruction of the Romanov Dvor business quarter in the center of Moscow.

The capital hosts about 4000 historical and cultural monuments, some of them being of federal and others - of regional importance. Some buildings are restored by the city and turned into museums; some are transferred to private owners, who then perform their reconstruction.

As the experts note, the monuments located in the center of Moscow, in the district easily accessible for transport and associated with partial conservation obligations, represent the greatest interest for the developers. This allows the investor to arrange an underground parking space, to change the floor slabs and install up to date engineering systems. According to The Vedomosti,one of the examples of a successful investment and monument restoration project is the Romanov Dvor business quarter.

Roman Tkachenko, Head of the RD Group holding representative office in Russia, told the newspaper, that if approached the properly reconstructed monuments provide a good payback, which he proved by making reference to the Romanov Dvor business quarter.

The historical facades facing Romanov sidestreet have been restored based on the pictures and photos dating back to the beginning of the XX century, with the help of scientific restorative methods, while the internals have been made to match the today’s standards. “The combination of the location, the newest design solutions and the historical facade have provided an excellent result, despite the high rental rates there is always a line of those willing to take on lease a part of this property,”- Roman comments.

Other examples of Moscow historical monuments restoration are available in the Vedomosti.