Roman Tkachenko on Infrastructure Tenants at Business Centers


Business center tenants, who spend from 8 to 12 hours a day at work, seek to create the complete illusion of “at home in the office” when you have absolutely everything right at hand – from a supermarket to a fitness center and beauty salon. Roman Tkachenko spoke to the commercial real estate magazine CRE about what kinds of infrastructure tenants are needed at office centers.

“The owners of business complexes should expand the spectrum of services available to tenants, as these services impact a property’s capitalization and improve its competitiveness,” commented Roman Tkachenko, Head of the Representative Office of RD Group in Russia. “In our view, the clients of business centers are interested in such services as a beauty salon, minimarket, coffee shop, pharmacy, souvenir shop, print center (for business cards, brochures, photos, etc.) and courier services.”


On the territory adjacent to the Romanov Dvor business center a unique public space has been created – the pedestrian gastronomic street Romanov Alley. The street-level premises of the buildings along the alley host quaint cafes, restaurants, food shops and boutiques as well as a culinary school.

The Romanov Dvor business center plans to provide taxi services, rent out electric cars and organize a place for parking bicycles. Interestingly, it is expected that the cost of renting an electric car for clients of the business complex will be less than the cost of leasing a parking place. A pharmacy, beauty salon and minimarket will be opening soon in the third phase of the Romanov Dvor complex.

“The main objective of the owner of the business is to provide the infrastructure tenants a stable flow of clients through a well-developed marketing policy and correcting zoning of the common areas,” Roman Tkachenko concludes.