Roman Tkachenko Shares Thoughts on Key Events of 2013


Most media publications offer yearend reviews but the CRE magazine went so far as to put out a special yearend issue in which market participants offered their thoughts on the most memorable events of the past year.

The leading experts of the commercial real estate market took part in CRE’s special issue. One of the commentators was Roman Tkachenko, Head of the Representative Office of RD Group in Russia.


Mr. Tkachenko highlighted some of the important changes taking place in the cityscape of the Russian capital. In April 2013 Moscow marked the 25th anniversary of the creation of its construction commission, Tkachenko recalled. “I admit that for the first time I was really astounded by the thought of how much the city has transformed since that time. Remember the capital in the late-1980 and early-1990s: a grey, unilluminated and rather depressing city, and look at today’s Moscow. This is an absolutely different city – it’s bright, beautiful and full of life,” the expert said.


“The second very important thing for me as a Muscovite is the change in the attitude of authorities and city residents toward transport issues. Today the main arterials are being repaired, interchanges are being built and paid parking is being introduced inside the Garden Ring. The measures adopted have improved traffic in certain areas of Moscow,” Roman Tkachenko commented.