Romanov Dvor: A New Look


In November two well-known photographers from Moscow – Mikhail Rozanov and Yuri Palmin – focused their lenses on the Class A business center Romanov Dvor. The works of the two artists provide two different looks at one of the most well-known business complexes of the Russian capital.

Moscow artist and photographer Mikhail Rozanov has done extensive work involving urban architecture. His unique creative vision and nonstandard approach to buildings allows him to create inimitable images. This is why Mikhail was invited to create a series of photographs of the premium class business center Romanov Dvor.

His colleague Yuri Palmin – a renowned master of interior photography – captured the interior zones of the business complex. You can take a new look at this familiar building by browsing through the photo gallery.


Romanov Dvor is a Class A business center situated in the heart of Moscow on Romanov Pereulok, only 500 meters from the Kremlin. The complex was included in Forbes’ list of the most expensive properties near the Moscow Kremlin.

The first phase of Romanov Dvor was commissioned in 1996 and the second – in 2004. The third phase of the business complex is scheduled for inauguration in April 2014.