Romanov Dvor hosts the Vedomosti daily roundtable


On April 5, Business Centre Romanov Dvor hosted the office roundtable “Vedomosti. Real estate” dedicated to the new trends at the elite residential property market. RD Group Marketing Director Louisa Ulanovskaya took part in the discussions.

On Tuesday, Business Centre Romanov Dvor gathered the leading experts of development, architectural, consulting and real-estate companies who came to discuss the major trends at the elite residential property market. How did the crisis affect consumer preferences? What kind of apartments are currently highest in demand? What will the premium real estate buyer look like in a 5-7 years’ time? Those were the centrepieces of the discussion.

In the course of the meeting, RD Group Marketing Director Louisa Ulanovskaya emphasised that one of the recent trends in elite real estate not only in Russia, but also in Europe and the United States is a drive toward optimisation of the living space with concurrent definitive preservation of utility, in-depth concept development and ultra-high quality of construction and decoration. These are the trends that RD Group is accounting for in The Lumen project, currently being erected in Luxembourg.

The development cycle – from analysing the land plot up to the commissioning – is relatively lengthy, averaging at 5-7 years. “When designing an elite residential complex, the developer must have an understanding of what the consumer preferences and living standards of its future client will be. Within the next 5 years, Y generation representatives will become the buyers of elite residential property, brought up in the era of globalisation and Internet, who appreciate innovations and technological sophistication, green technologies, conceptual design and ergonomics,” she summed up.

RD Group’s, Hals-Development’s, Inteco’s, Capital Group’s, PSN Group’s, Insigma’s, Knight Frank’s and other companies’ representatives partook in the discussion. The event was supported by REPA association.