Romanov Dvor in The Vedomosti


The newspaper told about the opportunities art galleries provide for business centers and gave several successful examples of mutually beneficial combination of cultural space and premium commercial property.

According to The Vedomosti’s survey, when asked about the benefits business centers gain from art galleries, expert respondents named the image aspect and the opportunity to host niche events. However, the location of the art gallery should be preplanned at the blueprint stage, so that it could fit in the space of business center.

Deniza Vartpatrikova, Managing Director of Romanov Dvor Business Center, commented on the subject. According to her, the involvement of art provides the opportunity to expand the audience of the business center: “A regularly updated art gallery is a subtle stroke underlining the premium level and the modernity of the facility. The office center gets more opportunities for promotion: references in the media, placement of the logo in leaflets and materials on exhibitions. More visitors come every day, more art community figures, reviewers, celebrities and journalists visit the business center on the day of exhibition opening or closing.”

Deniza also noted, that art galleries help office centers reaffirm their existence on the map and attract people engaged in professions not related to business and office life. In future, they can become regular visitors of business centers or even consider renting an office in this building.

You can read the full text of the article on The Vedomosti website.


Romanov Dvor is a business quarter located in close proximity to the Kremlin on Romanov Lane. It comprises an A class office center, business class apartments, Romanov Alley pedestrian street and a modern inner court, as well as restaurants and cafes, World Class fitness club, Romanov Cinema, a flower salon, etc. Total area of the complex office part is 51,500 sq.m. The developer of the project is RD Group international holding.