Service Companies as Business Center Tenants


The office market is witnessing the emergence of a number of projects with a truly unique business atmosphere.

Alexander Ustinov, Office Property Manager at RD Management, spoke with Property Management about how the development of service infrastructure in a business center can increase tenant loyalty.

“We place a strong emphasis on the quality of service at Romanov Dvor,” the expert says. “Tenants always pay attention to the infrastructure of a business center.”


Alexander Ustinov notes that tenants’ needs can generally be divided into two categories: business needs and employee needs (to maintain employee loyalty).

In the first instance, this mean a large and convenient parking facility, the existence of a conference hall and restaurants in the building which are suitable for business meetings, a notary, ATMs, courier service, etc.

The second category of needs includes services which make the business center comfortable for employees: a bicycle stand, coffee points, comfortable outdoor area, leisure areas within the office building, fitness center, beauty salon, cinema, flower shop, pharmacy, tour agency, tailor, barbershop, retail gallery and sometimes even a daycare center.