Summer Cafes for Premium Class Shopping Centers


For shopping centers, and especially those positioned as premium class centers, summer cafes are not only a must have, they can also serve as a magnet for customers. RD Management’s property manager Zhanna Karapetyan spoke about this topic with the journal CRE.

“When Dream House became part of RD Management’s project portfolio it did not have a single summer café on its territory,” Zhanna Karapetyan notes. “We understood that this is a critical issue for a luxury class retail center situated outside the city. So we launched a project to reorganize the building and added on another two stories, providing two restaurant operators with outdoor verandas and creating an additional traffic flow during the summer months.”  

“Summer cafes, both inside and outside the city, are necessary if you do not want to see a drop in visitation during the summer period, particularly when the weather is nice,” Karapetyan emphasizes.


Dream House is a luxury class retail center of approximately 13,000 square meters situated in the Moscow suburb Barvikha on Rublevo-Uspenskoye Shosse. The center’s concept fits its name – a dream house where the most exclusive interiors, finishing materials and accessories are offered. The retail center was acquired by RD Group in 2011, and since that time Dream House has been managed by RD Management (part of RD Group).