Summertime at Romanov Dvor


The art gallery at the Romanov Dvor business center presents a new exhibit titled Surrounded by Water about a time of bright emotions and vivid impressions – summertime.

The exhibit Surrounded by Water presents the viewer with sunny blue skies and endless open spaces. All of the artwork seems to have been done in one breath, where sun, light and the movement of water take the center stage.

The canvases are full of water, either lightly rippling or still as a mirror, reflecting the clear blue summer sky. Peering into the landscapes, one feels a desire to breathe in the fresh air and set sail to some far-off place.

Surrounded by Water includes the works of two recognized contemporary classics of the landscape genre – Elena Epifanova and Olga Osnach.


The concept of Romanov Dvor is business as an art. This is why the business center places such an emphasis on art expositions, which are updated every month.

The exhibition will continue through July 9, 2014, at the art gallery of the Romanov Dvor business center: 4/2 Romanov Pereulok. Entry is free of charge.