Tatiana Khoreva Speaks at CRE First


On March 3, CRE magazine held its traditional CRE First meeting with leading experts of the commercial real estate market. One of the speakers at the event was Tatiana Khoreva, Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Head of the Representative Office of RD Group.

At the roundtable market players discussed issues concerning bank financing, new formats for shopping centers and HR trends.

Addressing the issue of bank financing, Tatiana Khoreva, Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Head of the Representative Office of RD Group, noted that access to loans primarily depends on the reputation of the company and its shareholders as well as the establishment of honest relationships with partners – banks, investors and clients.

“Today developers do not have an easy time taking out credit on acceptable terms due to the fact that the economic instability has coincided with the restructuring of a number of large banks. However, we expect that by the end of the third quarter of 2015 the situation will stabilize and an opportunity to access affordable bank financing will emerge,” Tatiana Khoreva said.

In her remarks the expert noted that now is a time of new opportunities. The situation which has arisen on the market motivates a company to optimize its portfolio, revise business plans and reinforce its team of professionals in order to occupy its niche and be competitive.

“In the current reality personnel are one of the key resources capable of driving a company into market leading positions. So before optimizing expenses on labor, it is prudent to examine what share this cost accounts for in the structure of expenses. In most cases labor costs are not a major expense item. However, effective and loyal employees are a strategic resource capable of developing a company’s potential and leading the way to new horizons,” the expert emphasized.