Tatiana Khoreva Speaks at CRE Market Snapshot


On 31 March, Tatiana Khoreva, Deputy Head of the Representative Office of RD Group, spoke at CRE Market Snapshot conference hosted by Impress Media.

Leading commercial real estate market players annually attend CRE Market Snapshot conference.

Tatiana Khoreva participated in developer project financing session where experts discussed bank borrowings and alternative financing sources under current economic conditions. Representatives of GVA Sawyer, Storm Properties, Morgan Stanley, Rose Group and others also attended the session.

“Raising bank or investor financing for projects primarily depends on company and shareholder goodwill and developed fair relations with partners such as banks, investors and clients. Current market conditions give new opportunities to successful companies with good market reputation. Banks and investment funds are still ready to invest but are more judgmental in their assessments of project performance and developer goodwill,” Tatiana Khoreva comments.

As far as purchasing finished projects is concerned, there are opportunities to purchase prospective facilities at lower prices nowadays. “When purchasing finished facilities, companies should analyze not so much financials as building location and quality. For example, a trade or business center’s profitability may be low due to mismanagement. If a new owner creates a professional team, the facility management performance and profitability will grow,” the expert concludes.