The Moscow Times about the photo exhibition at Romanov Dvor


The Moscow Times told about the photo exhibition "Moscow through the Eyes of Foreigners" at Romanov Dvor business quarter.

The Friday's edition of English-language newspaper The Moscow Times told about the photo exhibition "Moscow through the Eyes of Foreigners", which opened on June 18 at Romanov Dvor. Each picture was accompanied by an author’s description. Felix White-Thompson, the author of the article, appreciated the warm and friendly atmosphere that prevailed at the opening ceremony. The guests of the event voted for the best picture during the evening. Pascal Bazire became the winner of the exhibition. She captured a February traffic jam powdered with snow.

Here is how Pascal described her picture: "It was a cold and gray February day. I walked for a few hours and came home empty-handed and was upset. Half an hour later a heavy snowfall began and the snow froze on the cars instantly like resin. This very moment the traffic jam became a graphic image. And then the snow melted into gray slush."

The author closed her comments with a recommendation to visit Correa's located in the business quarter. The interactive gallery of pictures exhibited is available on the website of the edition.

It is not a coincidence, that the photo exhibition was called "Moscow through the Eyes of Foreigners". Its aim is to show the dialogue of various cultures and it is also an attempt to have a look at Moscow through the lens of a non-resident brought up in a different environment. The exhibition was attended by both foreign employees of Romanov Dvor and other foreigners living and working in Moscow.