Uniform Standards for Management of Commercial Real Estate


The main topic of discussion at the CRE First roundtable on December 2 was uniform standards for the management of office real estate.

Despite numerous discussions on the need to develop a universal set of requirements for real estate management companies in Russia, this issue remains unresolved. Meanwhile, the need for uniform requirements in the management of office facilities has become particularly acute, as owners of business centers of one class category often work with different facility management companies. This issue was the topic of discussion at the latest CRE First roundtable.


Commercial Director of RD Management Olga Resina spoke about the practice of implementing corporate standards within a real estate management company: “We created uniform corporate standards for management back in 2008. These standards were initially applied at our first property – the business center Romanov Dvor.”

Today one of the main objectives of the company is to bring all properties under the management of RD Management into compliance with the company’s internal standards. “The corporate standards of RD Management are applicable to the technical premises, to the execution of preventative measures, to the response time on tenant requests and more. At present they are referred to as the 11 Quality Standards of RD Management and they represent a competitive advantage for the company,” Olga Resina stated.


RD Management has developed and implemented 11 mandatory quality standards for property and facility management which guarantee the high quality of services provided. Thanks to the strict compliance with these rules, the properties under the company’s management are in impeccable condition.