Urban Photography Exhibition at Romanov Dvor


The internal courtyard of the third phase of the Romanov Dvor business center is hosting an urban photography exhibition titled “Buildings, Places and Events Which Change Moscow for the Better”.

The exhibition presents modern Moscow in the eyes of renowned urban designers, businessmen, students and ordinary residents, as well as photographs of old Moscow at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century by Pyotr Pavlov. The exhibition provides a sort of cross-section of viewpoints and opinions of Muscovites on how the capital is changing as well as an answer to the question of which places and buildings are changing Moscow for the better.

“For us an answer to this important question was the concept of the third phase of the Romanov Dvor business complex and its outdoor component – the Sheremetiev Courtyard, which represent the completion of the comprehensive development of Quarter 41, situated between Mokhovaya Street and Romanov Pereulok,” noted Gagik Adibekyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RD Group.


The participants of the urban photography exhibition include Gagik Adibekyan, Andrei Sharonov, Vladimir Pozner, Ruben Vardanyan, Sergey Riabokobylko, Elena Vartanova, Alexei Levykin and many more. On its opening day the exhibition was visited by more than 400 people: top executives of development companies, experts in urban design and municipal development as well as Russian government officials, students and residents of the neighborhood.  

The outdoor exhibition is dedicated to the official opening of the third phase of the Romanov Dvor business center, which was held in December 12, 2014.


Organizer of the exhibition: the international development holding RD Group and the Romanov Dvor business center. The exhibition has been supported by the State Historical Museum, Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, British Higher School of Art & Design, The Moscow Times, Kommersant publishing house and Interfax news agency.

Place: internal courtyard of Romanov Dvor.

Hours: 9:00 – 24:00.

Entry is free of charge and the exhibition will continue through the end of December 2014.