Viktoria Rozhok on Business FM


Viktoria Rozhok, Director of the Public Relations Department at RD Group, provided commentary for the radio station Business FM.

Today you do not often encounter examples on the real estate market of developers joining forces for the implementation of major development projects. One such rare example is the coordination council for the development of the territory of Moscow City.

In an interview for the radio station Business FM, Viktoria Rozhok, Director of the Public Relations Department of RD Group, explained the idea behind the developers’ teamwork on the Moscow City project, noting that companies do come together every now and then to form a united front.

“The paradox lies in the fact that Moscow City is composed of 20 parcels of land which belong to different owner, but in the eyes of the public it is one brand. So the joint solution of the various problems that have arisen with the project will only work for the benefit of the image of the entire project,” Viktoria Rozhok comments. “Thus the first step in fighting for the customer has been made: a potential tenant of apartment owner will be encouraged to make the deal happen.”

However, Rozhok notes, when the buyer starts to choose between the towers, then the winning seller will be the one whose marketing department has come up with competent and creative solutions. “And here there is a good old Russian saying: friendship is one thing but sharing your tobacco is something else,” the expert concludes.