Viktoria Rozhok on MIPIM 2015


On August 7 the leading real estate market player met at a Kommersant business brunch to analyze the results of MIPIM 2014 and discuss plans for MIPIM 2015. Viktoria Rozhok told the participants of the meeting about the importance of the MIPIM Closing Ceremony at Romanov Dvor.

The meeting was opened by Brian Evans, founder of the Academy of Urbanism. In his remarks he noted that the participation of Moscow and Russian developers at the most recent MIPIM had become more substantial: the quality of the stands and business events had improved. At the same time, the idea of Moscow as a comfortable city for living should be more clearly projected at international exhibitions.

Marina Lepeshkina, Deputy Director for Organizational Issues at Moscow’s urban planning institute Genplan, spoke about the city’s plans for MIPIM


Alexander Kolontai, a member of the MIPIM Awards jury, noted in his speech that Russian developers ought to be better informed about how to properly present their projects for the MIPIM Awards. Andrei Peregudov, Senior Vice President of VTB Bank, spoke about the participation of real estate projects in international competitions.

Elizaveta Zyuzina, Head of International Projects for MAPIC, MIPIM and MIPIM Asia, once again reviewed the options available for exhibitors and encouraged companies to make most effective use of the exhibition’s resources.


Viktoria Rozhok, Director of the Public Relations Department of RD Group, summed up the results of the roundtable event held in Moscow in honor of the closing of MIPIM. She noted that the discussion was divided into two blocks: how the city intends to prepare for MIPIM 2015 and how developers should present their projects at international exhibitions. Today the city and developers are largely working separately. However, developers participating in projects presented at MIPIM should not only be focused on the business objectives of their own companies but also on transmitting the idea of the city. Moreover, Moscow’s development concept should be uniformly presented at the stands of all the different companies. Such synergy should produce results: the city and development projects will be presented as part of a unified strategy and thus make them more attractive for foreign investment. Of course, the development of a single strategy is not possible without dialogue between government and business.

“This is why RD Group for the second year in a row has held the MIPIM Closing Ceremony at Romanov Dvor. This is an ideal platform for establishing constructive dialogue between the authorities and business, for summing up the results and developing this unified strategy, which will allow for the high-quality portrayal of Moscow on the international arena and the presentation of its ideas and projects to potential investors,” Viktoria Rozhok concluded.