Viktoria Rozhok Speaks at CRE First


Yesterday participants of the Russian real estate market gathered at the Jean-Jacques café to discuss pressing issues and new market trends. Viktoria Rozhok, Director of the External Relations Department of RD Group, took part in the discussion.

The main discussion topics of the CRE First meeting was the creation of pedestrian zones and public places in Moscow, the development potential for the Kosmos hotel and class ratings for decentralized office properties in the Russian capital.

Viktoria Rozhok told the participants of the meeting about the experience of creating pedestrian streets in the center of Moscow. “Romanov Alley is a unique project for the capital. In contrast to Stary Arbat, Nikolskaya, Kamergersky and Lavrushinsky, the gastronomical street Romanov Alley was created on the funds of private investors, and RD Group is the first among Russian developers to build a pedestrian street from scratch. Historically Quarter 41 was closed off to ordinary citizens, and now we are returning this old corner of Moscow to the city’s residents and visitors,” Viktoria Rozhok explained.

The concept of the first gastronomical street did not emerge spontaneously. The project’s investor, the Luxembourg company Moscow Construction and Development, carried out broad marketing research with the help of top foreign and Russian experts and also did an opinion survey of the residents of Quarter 41 and the students of the MSU School of Arts and School of Journalism situated in the quarter.