Viktoria Rozhok to Speak at Kommersant Business Brunch


On August 7 the publishing house Kommersant will hold its second business brunch for developers as a part of its series Moscow’s Development: A View from Above. The topic of this meeting will be Moscow at MIPIM 2015. Viktoria Rozhok will speak about the annual closing ceremony at Romanov Dvor.

Market experts will discuss the rating of Moscow real estate on world markets and about the formation of Moscow’s image through participation in various international exhibitions. They will also discuss Moscow’s participation in MIPIM in 2013 and 2014 and plans for 2015. Another interesting topic will be the Russian projects which have been nominated for the MIPIM AWARDS 2015 as well as other important issues.


RD Group was specially invited to the business brunch as the recognized expert, ideologue and organizer of the annual MIPIM Closing Ceremony at Romanov Dvor. Viktoria Rozhok will speak about how to create the proper synergy between major international and Moscow events and the aims and objective of the real estate market.

The annual event at Romanov Dvor has already become a welcome tradition for the real estate market. In 2014 the closing ceremony was held for the second time, attracting more than 300 guests. They included the top executives of development and investment firms, experts in urban planning and municipal development, and representatives of the Moscow Municipal Government.


The announced speakers of the business brunch include:
- Sergei Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of the City of Moscow, Deputy Head of Moscow’s Architecture and Urban Development Committee;
- Brian Evans, Founder & Board Member of the Academy of Urbanism, Partner at Gillespies, Glasgow, UK;
- Alexander Kolontai, Head of the General Planning Group No.33, member of the jury for the MIPIM Awards 2014;
- Elizaveta Zyuzina, Head of International Projects for MAPIC, MIPIM, and MIPIM Asia;
- Marina Lepeshkina, Deputy Director for Organizational Issues, Genplan of Moscow;
- Andrei Peregudov, Senior Vice President, VTB Bank, Head of the VTB Arena Park project;
- Viktoria Rozhok, Head of the Public Relations Department, RD Group;
- representatives of major Moscow developers.

Information on how to attend the business brunch can be found here.