Volume of Retail Space for Sale in Moscow Decreases


In August the volume of retail space available on the market for sale in Moscow decreased by 19% in terms of volume and by 9% in term of the number of offers, the Real Estate Digest web portal reports. In total, 309,000 square meters of space is available for purchase in the Russian capital.

At the same time, Moscow is currently in first place in the world in terms of the volume of new retail space coming on the market, the newspaper Vedomosti reported in July of this year.

RD Group: working ahead of the curve

In 2008 RD Group acquired the luxury class Dream House retail center and in 2012 bought a 40% stake in the Vremena Goda shopping mall. Both of these retail facilities are unique in the market thanks to their location in prestigious districts of Moscow and the Moscow region and the fact that they offer visitors exclusively luxury class brands.

RD Group continues to develop its retail centers with a focus on guaranteeing full occupancy and creating a comfortable atmosphere for customers. For example, in the first week of September at Dream House the northern entrance was reopened after reconstruction and now boasts cutting edge automated doors, an outdoor retail and exhibition space, two new verandas as well as new gift and flower shops.

The reconstruction work was carried out by RD Group (part of RD Group).