Vremena Goda Shopping Center Sees Higher Visitation in December 2014


The total volume of visitors to the Vremena Goda shopping center in December 2014 was up 2% from the same month in 2013, rbc.ru reports.

Despite the fact that retailers are seeing a decline in consumer enthusiasm, retail centers report that shoppers are visiting stores with no less frequency. In particular, the Vremena Goda shopping center observed an increase in visitation, rbc.ru reports.

Visitation at Vremena Goda in December 2014 increased by 2% compared to the final month of 2013, rbc.ru writes.


The peak shopping days at Vremena Goda this past December and in 2013 were Fridays and weekends. However, if in 2013 the lowest level of visitation was seen on Tuesdays, in 2014 Thursdays were the slowest days. At the same time, the average visitation on weekdays was only 8% lower than on weekends, which indicates a very steady level of interest among shoppers.

In the final week of December 2014 the average visitation rate at Vremena Goda was nearly 20% higher than the average for the entire month.


The Vremena Goda shopping center is a premium-class retail complex located at 48 Kutuzovsky Prospect. Today the retail gallery belongs to Romanov Property Holdings Fund (RPHF). In 2012 the investment fund acquired a 40% stake in the center and then bought the remaining 60% in 2013.

RPHF was created in 2008 on a parity basis by RD Group and a consortium of private investors lead by Ruben Vardanyan. The fund specializes in premium-class Moscow real estate. It also owns the luxury-class Dream House shopping center in Barvikha.