What is the Price of Professionalism?


Alexander Ustinov, Business Development Director in RD Management, shared his thoughts on the ins and outs of recruitment in the real property market in his interview to CRE.

“Personnel search and selection constitute the major portion of HR work since the people we hire contribute directly to the quality of services provided by our company,” says Alexander Ustinov.

At the same time, the market faces a lack of skilled personnel for highly specialized jobs. “A vivid example is low current systems or refrigeration engineers. Finding them may take a long time as there are just a few of them in the labour market and the company requirements are high,” the expert emphasizes.

This is the reason why RD Management prefers training its own personnel. The company created a corporate university where one of the key objectives is the development and performance assessment of engineering staff.


The number of employees currently employed by RD Management exceeds 700 people with engineering staff, cleaning personnel and security service employees accounting for around 60%, 20% and 10%, respectively. The share of administration personnel (including Accounting, Legal, Sales, Marketing & PR, HR, General Services and IT departments) amounts to 10%. The company follows in-house recruitment practices.