Why Entrust Your Tower to Professionals?


Interfax has published RD Management survey results on the peculiarities of tower operation.

As reported by Interfax, according to RD Management experts, 36% of Moscow City space is operated by professional management companies. And the tower market of Russia will tend to the world level where professional management companies occupy 80%. This is due to the peculiarities of high-rise building operation. I am talking about elevator control, operation of utility systems, facades and the roof, fire safety issues.


"A modern tower has over 30 elevators on the average. Tower elevators are divided into several groups each serving different functional areas – offices, apartments, parking, loading and unloading area. This makes it possible to group passenger flows and significantly optimize the traffic in the multifunctional complex," Interfax writes referring to RD Management survey.

Experts note that the right choice of facade and concept of its maintenance is no less important – it helps avoid operation difficulties in the future. In towers, along with industrial mountaineering, stationary façade maintenance systems are applied (BMU, rail system), which are developed for each object, taking into account the climatic pattern. For example, in Russia, it is important to make allowance for their functionality at low temperatures. So modern roof and façade heating systems completely eliminate icing not only on the surface of the roof, but also in the drain, gutters, along the roof eaves.

"Safety of thousands of people living and working at the towers depends on the elaborate high-rise building project, providing for all the necessary fire safety measures, and on constant monitoring of all the systems in the facility. The management company must have a license for mounting, maintenance and repair of fire safety devices," RD Management analysts comment and add that another important task of the management company is to organize the evacuation prior to the arrival of emergency services in the event of an emergency. Emergency exit routes are longer and more complicated in towers; therefore, regular scheduled evacuation drills for everyone working and living in the tower are especially important.

You can read abstracts from RD Management survey in the article by Interfax.