The AFFA Foundation (Adibekyan Family Foundation for Advancement) is the general sponsor of the MMA - Armenian Fighting Championship.

The International Tournament in general classification was held on October 6th, 2019 in the city of MASIS in ARMENIA.

Athletes from Armenia, France, Iran and Georgia began fighting (10 members) from 7:00 p.m. onward on Boulevard de la Francophonie.

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts, the ultimate fighting sport. It's a combination of English boxing, judo, karate and other martial arts techniques, in order to knock out your opponent according to certain rules.

In ancient Greece, there was a sport called "pankration", which combined wrestling and striking skills similar to those found in modern MMA. "Pankration" brought together various wrestling and boxing traditions, and was presented during the 33rd Olympiad in 648 BC.

MMA, or Mixed Martials Arts, is a fighting sport also known as "free fighting".

The competitions within this fighting discipline, which include several martial arts and combat sports, are practiced by both men and women.

MMA is a technical sport designed for competition. The ambition is to achieve the highest possible athletic level, with the fewest possible technical limitations, while ensuring a low level of risk for the participants. In both Eastern and Western styles of martial arts, all participants are encouraged to practice in a spirit of respect, humility and fair play, a foundation of values that MMA shares - as it is derived from these two traditions.

This sport has taken on a global scale under the impetus of the influential American professional league: the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

MMA has expanded considerably in recent years with an increase in the number of participants at all levels, as well as those of followers and spectators. It is often considered to be the fastest growing sport in the world.

The 10 fights in this competition on Boulevard de la Francophonie in Masis were broadcast live on and are available for two months on the Kentron television channel.

Boulevard de la Francophonie in MASIS, under the aegis of the Fondation AFFA, and orchestrated by the MASIS Development Fund, is pleased to be able to promote agility, self-confidence and self-control through MMA sports - all the while forging new Francophone sporting ties.


Minister of Sports in France