Alexander Ustinov on Security Services in Shopping Centers


Ensuring security and comfort in shopping centers is the responsibility of the management company. Alexander Ustinov, Business Development Director for RD Management, told CRE Retail about security services in shopping centers, including premium-class facilities.

“The today’s image of most security staff is not associated with professionals that inspire trust and are able to respond to an emergency in the right way. To this end, RD Management span off security services into a separate line of business and develops it in terms of the product value,” noted Alexander Ustinov.

Besides, while mass market hardly places any demand on the appearance of security officers giving priority to the price, it is just the other way round in the premium-class segment.

“All security staff atRD Management are physically fit and are subject to periodic performance assessment and training. Additionally, in Vremena Goda the security officers do not just have security responsibilities, but are also helpful to the visitors of the shopping center. Thus, the management company creates a safe and comfortable environment within the facility,” highlighted Alexander.


Vremena Goda is an exclusive shopping center with more than 150 retail stores which focus on the latest trends in fashion and entertainment. Situated in a prominent location in Kutuzovsky Prospekt, the center attracts an enormous number of Moscow’s affluent shoppers. Vremena Goda is one of the most successful and most visited shopping centers in Moscow.

RD Management has been responsible for operation and maintenance of Vremena Goda since March 2014. The scope of services provided by the management company includes maintenance of the building utilities, full-service cleaning, and security services.