When to engage a FM company to work at the facility?


Alexander Skrobko, RD Management Sales Director, told the magazine “Real Estate Management” about operation of a facility management company at different stages of the facility life cycle.

The life cycle of the facility is a period of time during which selection of the project site, design, construction, operation, reconstruction / reconceptualization are performed. Each stage should be implemented with involvement of a FM company which runs its activities with the final objective of preservation and increase of the facility investment value.


It is necessary to engage a FM company at the stage of design, construction and installation, commissioning and start-up works, individual and comprehensive testing of utility systems and plumbing and heating installations, as the bad choice of equipment and / or technical solutions will result in unforeseen increase in costs when the building is already in operation.

At the stage of operation, the work of a facility management company must be systematic and complex. During the whole operation term of the facility a FM company must work at optimization of processes, search and implementation of new technologies enabling access to the new quality level of the services rendered. For instance, the automated control system allows minimizing the “human factor” and automating the entire operation process. As a result, the building keeps its original attractive look within the entire life cycle.

Moreover, a professional management company may perform technical audit and due diligence with regard to the facility as to the state of utility networks, building structures, availability of the required standard technical documentation, and quality of the facility management. It allows to determine the condition of the facility as of the present moment and to give recommendations aimed at efficiency increase of the real estate property as a business project.