Alexander Ustinov Will Speak at the Time for Optimal Solutions Conference


Alexander Ustinov, Business Development Director for RD Management, will speak at the Time for Optimal Solutions conference on November 24. The event is organized by Impress Media.

The discussion will embrace the issues of optimization, cost reduction and the search of new effective economic models for today’s businesses. The agenda includes three sessions dedicated to Consulting, Development and Management. Among the invited speakers are representatives of CBRE, S.A. Ricci, PSN Group, Forum Properties, BPS and other companies.

During the discussion Alexander Ustinov will share his thoughts on how to maintain the quality of services within the current framework of the commercial property market and provide insight into facility management as a rational management tool.

Alexander Ustinov: “While working on optimization, facility management should be viewed as a service at large. For a tenant, real property is a habitat. If the conditions that the building offers become less comfortable, the tenant will either change its location or review the terms of cooperation with the owner. Therefore, facility management companies should offer packaged services that must be meticulously planned and thought out.”