Reports on Engineering Systems and Infrastructure of Сomcity


The leading real estate portal has published a report on the unique energy-efficient systems at the office park Comcity. Starting in October 2014, RD Management assumed the facility management role for this property.

Comcity is being built according the very latest technologies in compliance with advanced environmental standards. Specialist of RD Management point out that the project makes use of chilled beams, which make it possible to substantially reduce expenses on air conditioning. Approximately 90% of the lighting at the property is LED, and the back-up energy supply system is capable of maintaining the building’s operations for up to 8 hours, reports.

The surrounding territory of the complex includes 5 ponds that will be naturally fed by collected rainwater, which in turn will be filtered and used for the service water needs in the building. The territory around the office park will be landscaped with a wide variety of plants selected specially for their suitability to Russia’s climate.

The total area of the multifunctional Class A office park will reach 430,000 square meters. The project is being developed by PPF Real Estate Russia. RD Management is the facility management company for the complex. The article was published following a press tour organized by RD Management on October 22.