Armen Sarukhanyan interview on


Armen Sarukhanyan, Director General of RD Management, spoke on “green” buildings management aspects, the technology applied and the real estate market situation.

Certification of facilities according to “green” standards impose certain obligations on the operating company. “First of all, responsible approach to power and water consumption of the building is concerned,” Armen Sarukhanyan noted. He also mentioned that, in order to keep water and power consumption records efficiently, the operator should not just equip the building with metering devices, but it should also be able to take meter readings automatically. RD Management uses automated building management system (BMS) for these purposes.

Furthermore, Director General of RD Management noted that “green” technology will not only earn its keep in the next 20-30 years, but it will also help cut operating costs, which make up on the average about 80% of the building lifecycle.


Speaking about development, Armen Sarukhanyan said that the company’s near-term plans include reinforcement of presence in Moscow, where the biggest number of high-quality real estates is concentrated. Moreover, Moscow provides access to the markets of Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar and Sochi. According to him, among the segment of the real estate market, the company currently considers the warehousing segment to be quite promising.


Currently, RD Management provides services mainly in Moscow, where it manages 14 buildings comprising five multifunctional complexes, seven business centers and two shopping centers. The portfolio includes a social international-scale project - UWC Dilijan College in Armenia.

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