Elite Real Estate Showroom Continues at Dream House


The elite real estate showroom at the luxury-class shopping center Dream House will continue through September 15.

The showroom at Dream House highlights premium-class housing complexes and residential developments situated along the prestigious Rublevo-Uspenskoye Shosse.

The choice of location for the elite real estate showroom was no coincidence, as 50,000 people from Russia’s most affluent families live along Rublevo-Uspenskoye Shosse. A total 137 premium class residential developments are located in the immediate proximity of Dream House. The shopping center has four levels, 64 stores, top class restaurants and the premium supermarket Azbuka Vkusa, next to which the elite real estate exhibition will be staged.

The elite real estate showroom at Dream House opened August 10 and will continue through September 15. Entry is free of charge.


The first elite real estate showroom of this sort was hosted by the luxury class shopping center Vremena Goda, where such events have become a welcome tradition. It’s no surprise that such exhibitions are now being held at Dream House on Rublevo-Uspenskoye Shosse.

The showroom is an annual exhibition of exclusive residential real estate presenting business class and elite residential developments. The organizer of the event is the suburban real estate portal Cottage.ru. During the course of the exhibition, developers will be offering special deals on the purchase of the real estate on display.


The Dream House and Vremena Goda shopping centers belong to Romanov Property Holdings Fund. The investment fund was created in 2008 on a parity basis by RD Group and a consortium of private investors led by Ruben Vardanyan. The fund is focused on investment in premium class real estate in the Moscow market.