Lenta.ru told about Dream House and Vremena Goda


The material deals with organization of spaces and leisure activities for children in shopping and entertainment complexes. Dream House shopping center and Vremena Goda galleries were mentioned as successful examples.

How to organize leisure for children in the city and in the suburban areas? Many parents face this question today. According to the author of the article, the city is the environment comfortable for only for adults mostly. Family shopping centers, which are becoming increasingly popular leisure area worldwide, can put the things right. Despite the fact that shopping centers’ infrastructure in Russia is only developing in this field, Dream House on the Rublevskoe Highway and Vremena Goda shopping galleries on Kutuzovsky ave. are mentioned as a successful example in the material.

"Dream House may be said to be one of the most friendly-to-children malls in Moscow and its adjacent areas - spaces and products for the young visitors occupy about 1,500 sq.m. in the shopping center, or 16% of the leasable space," Lilit Adibekyan, Head of Asset management of Dream House, commented in the article. “The shopping center places a high emphasis on "activity" as well: every weekend, Pampa Green club offers children a variety of themed workshops. While the adults are going about their business, professional teachers show the younger guests how to work with papier-mache, create cartoons, draw comics, etc."

Vremena Goda pays great attention to the little visitors, too. Child-directed tenants occupy about 12% of the total shopping space (or 4,500 sq.m.). Vremena Goda annually spends about a quarter of the marketing budget on the arrangement of various activities for children.

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Dream House is a luxury shopping center with the total area of 13,000 sq.m. located on the Rublevo-Uspenskoe Highway in Barvikha village. In 2011, Dream House was included to the project portfolio of the Romanov Property Holdings Fund private equity fund (50% owned by RD Group). The assets of the RPHF are managed by AVICA Property Investors.


Vremena Goda is upscale shopping galleries with the total area of about 65,000 sq. m. It comprises over 150 retail stores with a focus on the most up-to-date fashion trends and entertainment. The galleries were purchased by Romanov Property Holdings Fund in 2012-2013.