Moscow Travel Portal Reports on Exhibition at Romanov Dvor


RD Group has created the first photography exhibition in Moscow which reflects how both famous people and ordinary residents view our city and which buildings and public spaces they like the most. The Moscow Travel Portal reported on this unusual exposition.

The exhibition “Buildings, Places and Events Which Change Moscow for the Better” provides a sort of cross-section of viewpoints and opinions of Muscovites about which places and buildings are positively impacting the city’s modern development. The exhibition presents the photographs and commentary of celebrities, urban designers, businessmen, students and ordinary residents.

This project reflects the life and architecture of contemporary Moscow and is interesting for both residents and tourists, which is why the Moscow Travel Portal recommends this exhibition.


The Moscow Travel Portal was created by the Committee for Tourism and the Hotel Industry of the city of Moscow with which RD Group actively cooperates. The portal’s mission is to inform residents and guests of the capital about the most interesting places and events in the city.