New book "Monologues on Business. Development" presented at Romanov Dvor


A new book, "Monologues on Business. Development" was presented on December 22 at the Romanov Dvor business quarter. The head of RD Group’s Russian division is among the authors.

InMonologues on Business. Development the CEOs of leading Russian real estate companies offer their take on the present and future of the market, and explain their approaches to business and sales. The book offers a retrospective of events on the market in the last 20 years.

The head of the Russian division of RD Group, Roman Tkachenko, contributed to the book and received a copy with a personalized cover at the Romanov Dvor event.

”A book about the Russian development business is particularly opportune now, because the market has changed dramatically in recent years and is continuing to change. The industry might never be the same again as we see it today,” Roman Tkachenko said.

The book also includes contributions by the CEOs of Khimki Group, Millhouse, Storm Properties, PSN Group, Granelle, NDV-Real Estate, Urban Group and Coalco.

Another book, Remembering Ourselves, Friends and Comrades, produced jointly with the Moscow Association of  Veterans of the Construction Industry, was also presented at the event. The book brings together the memories of construction industry workers and managers who built the Russian capital from the 1950s to the 1980s.

The event was organized by Integro Group, the original idea came from the journalist Alena Shevchenko, and RD Group acted as event partner.