Olga Resina on Comestate.ru


Commercial Director of RD Management Olga Resina spoke with the internet portal Comestate.ru about how to support the position of Class A business centers from the perspective of the management and maintenance.

“As far as management is concerned, here all the nuances must be considered: from the building’s infrastructure to its external appearance and the qualifications of service personnel,” says Olga Resina.

According to the expert, in order to achieve excellent results, the management company should itself assume all tasks which can be handled without engaging subcontractors. “That is why we turn to third-party organizations only in exceptional situations,” Olga notes.


Quality is also something which must constantly be improved. Since 2010 RD Management has had its own Center for Engineer Instruction and Training, the program of which a makes it possible to prepare uniquely high-qualified technical specialists.

Moreover, RD Management has developed its own system of standards, which was first introduced back in 1998. Initially it was implemented at the first property in the company’s portfolio – the business center Romanov Dvor. “We built an ideal model for a building’s operation, and only then we entered the market at large,” explained Resina.