Olympia Park Business Center Now Has Electric Car Charging Stations


Discussions about electric cars on the Russian market have been going on for several years. Today, however, the focus of the conversation has shifted to the creation of park places for such autos.

Until recently electric cars where thought of as nothing more than fashionable trend, but now special parking spots are being created for them. This practical step to create infrastructure for environmentally friendly transport has been made at the Olympia Park business center, which is managed by RD Management. A number of parking places at the business complex are now equipped with plug-ins for electric cars.

“The increase in the parking area for electric cars is part of the development concept for Olympia Park, and it corresponds to the aims and objectives of both the facility management company and the property owner,” says Natalya Baramygina, who over sees a group properties managed by RD Management. “Ecoparking is a logical continuation of international green property standards.”

In late 2012 Olympia Park underwent BREEAM certification and was declared a “green” building. The complex has been equipped with energy-efficient elevators and lamps, light sensors and water meters, a waste recycling system, an efficient automated watering system and a bicycle stand. The building’s engineering system also allows for the separate tracking of the electricity use of each tenant. The entire building of the business center has panoramic energy-efficient windows.


The Olympia Park business center fully complies with Class A office criteria. The property is conveniently situated on Leningradskoye Shosse and at the same time is set back from the road with a well-landscaped territory and access to the Khimki Reservoir. The center has well-developed infrastructure and an interesting tenant pool. Olympia Park is owned by the world renowned IT company Kaspersky Laboratories.


RD Management provided technical consultations during the construction and commissioning of the Olympia Park business center. After the center opened, specialists of the company began providing the full spectrum of maintenance services for basic engineering systems, cleaning of common areas and the surrounding territory as well as tenant offices. Specialists of RD Management also operate the building’s security and visitor reception services.